CREST Martial Arts


CREST Martial Arts is a multi disciplined martial arts organization offering instruction in a number of combat systems from all over the world. Our core training syllabus includes aspects of several different martial styles combined together to provide the most effective methods of self defence and sport combat, while also promoting a healthy life style and the important virtues essential to martial arts practice.

The name CREST is an acronym made up of the first letters of the five most important virtues in the martial arts: Courage, Respect, Enthusiasm, Strength and Truth.

These five virtues form the official tenants of CREST Martial Arts – however, ultimately it is down to each individual practitioner to find their own way in the martial arts, and hence find their own sense of morality.

CREST Martial Arts holds full insurance for all of its members and all CREST Instructors are subject to Enhanced Disclosure screening and a full instructors training program, including intensive child protection training.


Learning With CREST

CREST is made up of a highly eclectic group of martial artists and as such has a wealth of information to offer its students. We are committed to providing the very best in martial arts training, and as such have tried to provide you with opportunities to learn both in and out of the class.

To get the best out of your training, we recommend bringing a pen and paper to take notes in class. Out of class time, we have several videos available on youtube, as well as an extremely comprehensive DVD series to assist with your learning.
We are extremely approachable, so feel free to email at any time regarding absolutely anything martial arts related. We are always glad to answer your questions and take pride in offering our full support to anyone who shows a passion for learning. Furthermore, CREST also runs

a fantastic online networking resource on Facebook where you can discuss with other martial artists from around the world and compare ideas.

Self Defence

CREST Martial Arts’ self defence training is amongst the very best available due to its tried and tested methods and pragmatic view point.

Whereas most martial arts encourage an overly reserved approach to self defence (often with the goal of restraining an attacker), our method of self defence takes a far more realistic view, looking at real world scenarios in great detail. Training includes use of body language and verbal dissuasion, defence against empty hand, blunt and edged weapons combat. No other martial arts around offer such truly comprehensive tuition in these areas.
Most mainstream martial arts tend to put emphasis on stiff, redundant moves for self defence which are very unnatural. CREST Self defence on the other hand works on adapting the human body’s natural flinch responses so that they work combatively – allowing maximum efficiency with minimum effort.

CREST Martial arts is also the governing body of the University of Edinburgh Self Defence Society, which offers specialist real world self defence tuition to matriculated members of the university of Edinburgh.


In recent years, Mixed Martial Arts competition has grown in popularity exponentially. UFC, Pride and K1 to name but a few have all contributed individually to this sudden surge in popularity. For those students who are interested, we offer some of the best Sport MMA instruction available on the open market.

It is understandable that different people have different feelings about the competitive aspects of the martial arts. Some feel they would prefer to learn purely the striking aspects of the martial arts (semi-contact). Others prefer to immerse themselves fully in all aspects including striking, grappling, throwing, ground fighting and submissions (Fully-integrated sparring). We cater for both of these areas, and offer a number of competitive opportunities for any students who are interested in these areas.

Specific martial arts included in this type of training are: Muay Thai, Judo, Jujitsu and some aspects of Silat.

Weapons Systems

All students will be introduced to weapons training for self defence at some stage. Later, most will be offered the opportunity to further their skills and learn aspects of some of the more pure weapons systems—including use of the short stick, staff and knife. This is one of the main routes to becoming part of the inner circle of classical martial artists within the group.